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Automate data provisioning from source to analysis and turn every end user into a data scientist


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Our clients range from Fortune 500 enterprises to small and medium sized businesses.

The Data You Need in the Tools You Love

  1. Connect

    Link any end-user tool to any data source. Create and consolidate as many connections as you desire across multiple disparate sources.

  2. Analyze

    Create reports and visualizations in the tools you love, with the data you need magically appearing. Schedule and automate any repeated workflow.

  3. Upload

    Optionally, enable bi-directional data exchange and upload data back to its source. Powerful validation tools ensure proper formatting and eliminate manual errors. 

Learn How Kloudio Saved This Fortune 500 Company Over 10,000 Employee Hours Annually

Automate Everything

Schedule to have your sales, marketing, or finance report updated every week, day, or minute from any external data source. Automate any workflow, from reporting tasks to data uploads - all without leaving your favorite analytics platform.

Simple and Intuitive

Our intuitive query builder enables self-service reporting and analysis for everyone, regardless of experience with SQL or access to IT. You can still use SQL if you want. 

Two-Way Data Exchange

Update database records and corporate applications from end-user tools. Eliminate data-entry tasks. Data validation ensures uploaded data is always perfectly formatted.

Powerful Access Controls

Define user roles and enforce powerful access controls that determine what data users are able to see, query, and update. Import previous user attributes or create them from scratch.


SOC2 and HIPAA compliant. We have passed industry leading vulnerability detection tests such as AlertLogic. We've met the security requirements of multiple Fortune 500 firms.

A solution for da

"Super easy tool to automate and schedule data retrieval from MySQL databases. Sharing created reports and dashboards is effortless for both parties. Kloudio representatives are easily reachable for questions and are very open to product feedback."

-Luis Rodriguez, Business Intelligence Analyst

"Kloudio filled a workflow gap that we have been trying to overcome for months. Extremely useful tool and extremely easy to implement - would highly recommend to those looking to drive efficiencies in their spreadsheet based processes"

-Keana Monroy-Gill, Director of Marketing

“We've tried other solutions that claim to do the job, but none of them work as effortlessly as Kloudio. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who'd like to automatically consolidate all their data sources in one place.

-Yekun Wang, Data Analyst

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