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Top 5 Paid and Open-Source ETL Tools [2021]

Depending on the type of data stored within their data warehouse, their resident skill sets, and their budget, organizations can choose between different ETL tools to manage their data manipulation and transformation needs. Here are the top 5 ETL tools.

netsuite tips and tricks
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3 NetSuite Tips and Tricks to Know

Netsuite is a robust solution with high customizability, and because of this, some users struggle to be efficient with their Netsuite workflows. In this guide, we’ll be walking through a few Netsuite tips and tricks to boost your ERP productivity.

stripe sigma payment data
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Stripe Sigma Is Transforming How Businesses Receive Payment Data

No longer is data warehousing limited to your data analysis teams. Every department in your organization needs access to your business data—especially Finance. Read how Stripe Sigma brings business and financial data to its users.

mongodb reporting
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How to Set Up Easy MongoDB Reporting

Many MongoDB users share one challenge—MongoDB reporting. Since MongoDB became a popular database for developers, enterprises have leveraged it to improve development times. But, due to the high volumes of some data sets, reporting is still a challenge for some.

what is amazon redshift
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What Is Amazon Redshift? Your Questions Answered

Data is unrivaled in its power to reveal insights for your business and customers. But where can you store it? What tools help you navigate and analyze it? Amazon Redshift, a leading data warehouse, is one of them.

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How to Choose the Right Data Reporting Platform

“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” Harnessing the power of data reporting and communication is a need, not a choice. Knowing this, what tools should organizations use to harness their data reporting?

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