Krishna Bhat

reporting analysis
Data Ops

Data Reporting vs. Analysis

Establish a difference between data reporting and data analysis with the respective tools for each segment.

low code no code
Data Ops

Low Code/No-Code Explained

Low code no code (LCNC) platforms are paving the way for continuous advancement towards a new world of software development. We unpack what each approach means and what tools we recommend.

kloudio excel functions
Finance Ops

Introducing Dynamic Kloud Excel Functions

Are you frustrated with trying to fill the gaps between what business intelligence (BI) tools provide and the actual reporting needs of your finance team? The future of Finance is one step closer thanks to the introduction of Dynamic Kloudio Excel functions.

Data Ops

How to Close the Data Literacy Gap At Your Company

Whether you’re an early-stage employee or the founder of a startup, your team should set a collaborative priority to pursue a data-driven culture … long before your first full-time data hire. Here’s how to build that culture to close the data literacy gap

elt vs etl
Data Ops

ETL vs ELT: Which Is Better? [+ 5 Pros and Cons]

The main difference between ETL vs ELT is the process order and transformation stage, as well as the time it takes to perform both of these aspects. It’s up to you to decide what process is best for your data needs. This guide will help.

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