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reporting analysis

Data Reporting vs. Analysis

Establish a difference between data reporting and data analysis with the respective tools for each segment.
low code no code

Low Code/No-Code Explained

Low code no code (LCNC) platforms are paving the way for continuous advancement towards a new world of software development. We unpack what each approach means and what tools we recommend.
elt tools

Top 5 Paid and Open-Source ETL Tools [2021]

Depending on the type of data stored within their data warehouse, their resident skill sets, and their budget, organizations can choose between different ETL tools to manage their data manipulation and transformation needs. Here are the top 5 ETL tools.
kloudio excel functions

Introducing Dynamic Kloud Excel Functions

Are you frustrated with trying to fill the gaps between what business intelligence (BI) tools provide and the actual reporting needs of your finance team? The future of Finance is one step closer thanks to the introduction of Dynamic Kloudio Excel functions.
netsuite tips and tricks

3 NetSuite Tips and Tricks to Know

Netsuite is a robust solution with high customizability, and because of this, some users struggle to be efficient with their Netsuite workflows. In this guide, we'll be walking through a few Netsuite tips and tricks to boost your ERP productivity.

How to Close the Data Literacy Gap At Your Company

Whether you’re an early-stage employee or the founder of a startup, your team should set a collaborative priority to pursue a data-driven culture ... long before your first full-time data hire. Here's how to build that culture to close the data literacy gap
stripe sigma payment data

Stripe Sigma Is Transforming How Businesses Receive Payment Data

No longer is data warehousing limited to your data analysis teams. Every department in your organization needs access to your business data—especially Finance. Read how Stripe Sigma brings business and financial data to its users.
month end close

How to Shorten the Month End Close

The pressure of the month-end close increases with business growth, complexity in the regulatory environment, and with every new additional system that is added to the Finance tech stack. Here's how to shorten the cycle.
mongodb reporting

How to Set Up Easy MongoDB Reporting

Many MongoDB users share one challenge—MongoDB reporting. Since MongoDB became a popular database for developers, enterprises have leveraged it to improve development times. But, due to the high volumes of some data sets, reporting is still a challenge for some.
data ingestion

Data Ingestion: Why and How Does It Happen?

The data ingestion process is essential for companies that use data regularly. Despite its importance, however, data ingestion doesn’t come without its challenges. Fortunately, there are tools that can alleviate some of these challenges. 
financial planning

Financial Planning with 2020 Vision

The past year has been challenging for everyone, not to mention those responsible for financial planning. Let's talk about how to leverage the past year to look ahead.
Difference Between ETL and ELT

ETL vs ELT: Which Is Better? [+ 5 Pros and Cons]

The main difference between ETL vs ELT is the process order and transformation stage, as well as the time it takes to perform both of these aspects. It’s up to you to decide what process is best for your data needs. This guide will help.
google forms reports

How To Create Google Forms Reports and Visuals in 6 Steps

Google Forms is one of Google Suite's best tools. What's not to like about a free and easy survey builder? But did you know that, unlike most survey tools, you can also create Google Forms reports and visuals from your survey data?

Gut Feel vs. Data Driven Decisions: Which Is Better?

“Trust your gut" is the trademark advice of mentors and grandmothers alike, and it remains a trusted mantra for many successful entrepreneurs. When making data driven decisions is preferred, is trusting your gut still a good idea?
forecasting models

4 Forecasting Models and How to Refine Them in Times of Uncertainty

Whether your company is a small startup or a large corporation, you need a clear view of your starting position (especially in the wake of the pandemic). Establishing solid forecasting models can help you avoid surprises and better project profits and losses.
data transformation

Data Transformation and Its Benefits

Data transformation is often a key staple in companies who are looking to organize their data, while also building a foundation for other data professionals and business professionals to access that same data.
bigquery vs redshift

BigQuery vs Redshift: 3 Factors to Consider

Both Amazon and Google (as well as a number of other tech giants) offer data warehousing solutions for companies of all kinds. BigQuery vs Redshift ... which is better for your organization and data needs?
what is amazon redshift

What Is Amazon Redshift? Your Questions Answered

Data is unrivaled in its power to reveal insights for your business and customers. But where can you store it? What tools help you navigate and analyze it? Amazon Redshift, a leading data warehouse, is one of them.
google sheets reports

How to Run Automated Google Sheets Reports

You spend a considerable amount of time collecting data from various systems and preparing that data for your next status report or big meeting, right? In this guide, we'll show you how to use Google Sheets for automated reports.
benefits of business intelligence

5 Benefits of Business Intelligence That Will Save You Time & Money

Many companies are data-rich yet information-poor.  Thus, the benefits of business intelligence (BI) stem from how quickly raw data can be converted into usable information. Automating BI systems and processes is one of the best ways to optimize this golden ratio of efficiency.
data warehouse vs data lake

Data Warehouse vs Data Lake: 3 Important Differences

More and more organizations are investing in data lakes for their business intelligence needs. However, approaching a data lake as another version of a data warehouse can lead to big issues. Let's talk about a data warehouse vs a data lake.
google bigquery kloudio

Your Guide to Google BigQuery [+ 6 Pitfalls]

Today's data analysts and administrators must keep up with more data than ever. While many cloud-based data warehouses have popped up to help solve this problem, they don't scale quite like Google BigQuery.
data reporting kloudio

How to Choose the Right Data Reporting Platform

“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” Harnessing the power of data reporting and communication is a need, not a choice. Knowing this, what tools should organizations use to harness their data reporting?
variance analysis

Variance Analysis: The Handoff Between Accounting and FP&A (Part 2)

In our last post, we talked about variance analysis being the only point where actuals meet the forecast, and how it’s critical for understanding what happened in the business. This post talks about how variance analysis can explain why the business is behaving differently than expected.

3 Benefits of Data Workflow Automation

Automating your workflow isn’t just related to speed. When implemented correctly, it’s also about helping employees prioritize their work and make the right decisions using data.
month end close process

Moving the Month End Close Process Out of the Middle Ages

Every month, without fail, finance teams all over the world “close the books,” often working long hours to hit pressured deadlines. The hours are long—benchmarking firm APQC reports that the median company takes nearly seven days to close the books every month, while the bottom 25% of companies take over 10 days.

Product Release: Speed Up Your Data Analysis

We are happy to announce Kloudio’s platform enhancements to help you gain granular business insights with dynamic filters for Excel add-on, increase productivity using Kloudio…

Top 4 Ways to Sync Data to Google Sheets

Are you hoping to sync and analyze your data in Google Sheets but limited by options in your database or apps in your tech stack? You’re…

How to Leverage your Facebook Pages Insights

Facebook Pages is a powerful tool for businesses and individuals to reach and interact with their desired audience. What’s more, is that it allows you…
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