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The Best Google Add Ons: 15 Essential Tools for Businesses on G-Suite

Google Suite’s brand of cloud applications has grown considerably since 2006. What was once a consumer-oriented suite of productivity apps is today a fully-fledged business solution for firms and companies of all sizes. G Suite has over 2 billion users and 3 million paying businesses, many of which are large enterprise customers like Salesforce, Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC), and Hewlett Packard.

G Suite is praised for its agility and speed but often lacks in raw functionality compared to Office 365. Luckily, G Suite supports a wide variety of third-party add-ons that can make it a more robust solution for your business.

Here we’ve listed some of the best Google add ons and integrated SaaS solutions that we find invaluable.

15+ of the Best Google Add Ons for Your Business

Getting Started with G Suite

1. G-Suite Deployment Guide by Google is the first place you should visit if you’re migrating your firm to G Suite. The guides are comprehensive and easy to follow, with separate documents for firms of different sizes, and for the different moving parts of an organization—including data transitions, networking, and user control.

2. Hiver is a shared inbox built on the Gmail platform that adds quite a few functionalities that your team may need. Their G Suite Migration Guide, although less comprehensive, describes the spine of the transition process in 13 quick and easy steps.

Identity Management Tools

3. Okta is a giant in the cloud enterprise security space, which integrates with not only G Suite but also many other popular SaaS platforms like Workday, Salesforce, and Zendesk. Okta aids G Suite in Active Directory, SSO, user management, multi-factor authentication, and more.

4. Duo Security adds two-factor authentication and security robustness to Google Suite. According to their documentation, their “comprehensive security solution confirms the identity of users and the health of their devices before they connect to your applications. The duo makes security painless, so you can focus on what’s important.”

5. BetterCloud is a full-fledged cloud security vendor. JumpCloud is BetterCloud’s most direct competitor in the space. Aside from adding data centralization to G Suite, they also offer data trails and monitoring services, usage control, and more.

Threat Prevention Tools

6. AlienVault offers security on the cloud and offline. As the “first truly open threat intelligence community that enables collaborative defense with actionable, community-powered threat intelligence”, they reduce human error in security through behavioral monitoring, vulnerability assessments and more.

7. Virtru is the security partner recommended by Google for G Suite itself. As per Google’s description, “Virtru adds client-side email and file encryption, control, and data loss prevention (DLP) directly to G Suite.” The encryption will also allow you to revoke data access and to view emails’ read receipts.

Backup and Document Management Add Ons

8. Spanning Backup and Backupify aid with that inevitable human error. They both hit the marks on data integrity, backup, and recovery.

9. Vaultize believes “you shouldn’t have to trade security for freedom. By combining an easy to use file sharing platform with patented encryption, digital rights management, and extensive auditing capabilities, Vaultize gives you total control of your critical information and the peace of mind that comes with an airtight security protocol.”

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Add Ons

10. Prosperworks is recommended by Google themselves as one of the best Google add ons for CRM. As Google says, “ProsperWorks is a smart & easy-to-use customer relationship management (CRM) system built for G Suite.”

11. Zoho is a worthy alternative. Their comprehensive solution package provides data management for Sales, Finance, Marketing, and more.

Data Analytics & Visualization Add Ons

12. Kloudio provides self-service reporting solutions for companies like Netflix, Square, and more right within Google Sheets. Connect any database to Google Sheets and instantly run ad-hoc reports. Change filters on a whim and utilize the data in pivot tables and charts. Automate these reports to run every five minutes and share these live reports as easily as you would share a Google doc.

13. Lucidchart is helpful for data visualization (after processing your data with Kloudio). Aside from the intuitive drawing interface, Lucidchart also allows you to collaborate closely and seamlessly with your teammates. In their own words, “Lucidchart is the web’s leading diagramming and visualization app. Install now to easily build flowcharts, ERDs, network diagrams, UML diagrams, and more.”

Productivity and Project Management Add Ons

14. Wrike simplifies your planning while providing streamlined integration with G Suite. Wrike also integrates with many other cloud services, including Salesforce, Evernote, Zapier, etc. This gives you access to your own projects at all times across the web.

15. Zapier connects one cloud service to another and then automates an action between those two services. With Zapier, you can do a lot of things, a whole host of them involving G Suite services and functionalities. Automatically sync a Google Doc with a Google Sheet, or send out an email when a specific cell in Google Sheet is up to date. The service can save startups hundreds of employee hours every month through automating manual tasks.

Start connecting and visualizing your data in a unified spreadsheet with one of the best Google add ons, Kloudio.

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