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Bring Stripe Data into Google Sheets and Excel with Kloudio

Stripe is an online payment processing solution that provides a platform for firms and individuals to make and receive payments online.

The data in your business’ Stripe platform is invaluable because it deals directly with revenue streams and financials that are crucial to the success of your firm.

That’s why Kloudio has released our Stripe integration: to enable self-service reporting of Stripe data so that any employee at your firm can easily query and create reports from payment and transaction data.

Intuitive Visual Report Builder

Using our visual report builder, any non-technical user can use an intuitive drag and drop builder to create a custom report from data in Stripe. This is perfect for ad-hoc analysis as any user can instantly gain insights from Stripe data by generating one-time reports on a whim.

Scheduled and Automated Reports

For reports that need to be ran on a recurring basis (weekly sales, etc), Kloudio’s suite of automation features saves you hours every month. Instead of manually creating and running reports on a recurring basis, Kloudio allows you to set reports to auto-refresh at your preferred cadence. Have your sales spreadsheet automatically populate with fresh data every week, day, or even hour.

Self-Service Without Sacrificing Security

Kloudio enables everyone on your team to be a data-scientist – finance and marketing employees alike can use Kloudio to query Stripe without any help from your IT or data team. When it comes to security, Kloudio follows industry standard practices and has passed the stringent security requirements of multiple Fortune 500 firms, including Netflix and eBay. Internally, Kloudio provides robust access controls that can be customized to limit the data available to users on a team or per-user basis.

Sign up for a free trial to kickstart your Google Sheets analysis with data from Stripe.

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