import excel into google sheets

How to Import Excel Into Google Sheets [Step-by-Step Guide]

Whether you prefer Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, you shouldn’t be relegated to using only one tool. Thankfully, you can take a few simple steps to import Excel data into Google Sheets, if you prefer to work or collaborate in the latter.

Let’s look at some ways to import Excel into Google Sheets:

Import Excel into Google Sheets

The import function in Google Sheets allows you to import all popular spreadsheet formats directly into Google Sheets.

You can import the following file types to Sheets:

  • All Microsoft Excel File Types (.xls, .xlsx, . xlxm, .xltx, .xltm)
  • Text Files (.txt)
  • Comma Separated Variable (.csv)
  • Tab Separated Variable (.tsv)
  • Open Office/Libre Office (.ods)
  • MapInfo (.tab)

Use the following steps to import your Excel document into Google Sheets.

Log into Google Sheets and open a new spreadsheet.

import excel into google sheets

Click on the File dropdown menu and search for the Import File option.

import excel into google sheets

Click Import option. You will see an Import File Menu with options to import files from Drive, Recent Files, Shared Folder, and your device.

import excel into google sheets

Click Upload and select the file or Excel sheet to import.

import excel into google sheets

Finalize the import by clicking Select. The following dialogue box will ask you about the Import location. You will notice the following options:

import excel into google sheets
  • Choose the Create New Spreadsheet option to create an entirely new spreadsheet that only contains information from the Excel sheet.
  • Choose the Insert new sheet(s) option if you want to add the Excel document as a new sheet to existing Google Sheets.
  • Replace spreadsheet option discards the current spreadsheet and replaces it with the uploaded Excel Sheet.
  • Replace the current sheet option discards only the current sheet and replaces it with the imported data.
  • Append to the current sheet option adds the uploaded excel sheet to the existing Google sheet.
  • Replace data at selected cell inserts data only in the selected cells.

The imported Excel document should seamlessly convert your existing document to Google Sheets with the above steps.


Google Sheets offers a lot more features than its competitors. You can convert all popular spreadsheet files using the import option in Google Sheets by following the steps given in the article.

You can also elect to Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format if some functions don’t work correctly in the uploaded file.

If you work with Google Sheets extensively, then you would love Kloudio’s handy reporting and analysis features. Imagine being able to source and import data from multiple sources into one single Google Sheet, without lifting a finger. Create a free account on Kloudio’s platform and see how this feature works for you. 

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