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Product Release: Speed Up Your Data Analysis

We are happy to announce Kloudio’s platform enhancements to help you gain granular business insights with dynamic filters for Excel add-on, increase productivity using Kloudio APIs, and get access to data using multiple enterprise-grade connectors, including Amazon S3, Anaplan, Azure SQL, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Enhanced features

Dynamic Filters for Excel

With the added dynamic filters for Excel add-on, you have the power to define the type of reports you need to create and analyze directly from your spreadsheet. Obtain granular information by slicing-and-dicing data from your spreadsheets. Maximize your time analyzing the perfect report in Excel while giving Administrators their time back from creating reports in the Kloudio platform. 

Learn more about dynamic filters here.

Kloudio APIs

Increase productivity by embedding the new Kloudio APIs into the application of your choice. By simply adding Kloudio APIs into your existing code, you can perform and automate Kloudio-specific tasks, such as creating reports, connecting to data sources, sharing reports with teams, and more, directly from any application. Kloudio APIs are compatible with Windows, Linux, and custom-built applications. 

Learn how to add Kloudio APIs in your applications here.

New Connectors

Learn more about Kloudio’s data integration tools.

We look forward to sharing more new and enhanced product capabilities in the upcoming product releases!

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