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Product Release: Simplify Your End-to-End Data Access

We are happy to announce Kloudio’s platform enhancements that include robust KloudML functionalities, schedule updates to write-back data to their original sources, and a new user onboarding experience. 

New user onboarding experience

First-time users can enjoy a new onboarding experience to the Kloudio platform when they log in for the first time. They can select their onboarding experience based on needs for their roles – financial data analysis or data engineering tools – to have a customized experience in Kloudio. Analysts, for example, can start connecting their data sources and create reports within minutes of logging in. Whereas, data engineers have the ability to manipulate at the data layer. 

Watch our 2-minute Analyst and Data Engineer onboarding demos to learn more.

Enhanced platform features 


KloudML is Kloudio’s proprietary markup language that enables you to define entity relationships and fine grained access controls at database, row and column level. KloudML is integral for organizations that experience data explosion by adopting more and more data sources, including cloud and on-premises applications, databases, data warehouses, and more. In using KloudML, you can define relationships across data sources without compromising data security. 

Visit our documentation to learn more about KloudML.

Scheduled Updates

Need to sync updated data back to their original data sources? Kloudio has you covered. You can now write-back data that’s been updated in your spreadsheets back to their original data sources so others in your organization have access to the updated data. By scheduling updates, you can automate the write-backs into their destination at the frequency you need.

Visit our documentation to learn more about Kloudio’s Schedule Updates functionality. 

We are super excited to share our newest product enhancements that help our customers speed up their data analysis!

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