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Report Hubspot Insights With Ease: Introducing the HubSpot Integration [Product Update]

HubSpot is a platform for marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software. With this sheer volume of data being generated daily, it can become challenging to manage and report on Hubspot insights on a consistent basis.

That’s why Kloudio has released our latest Hubspot integration to offer users an easy way to leverage Hubspot data insights by compiling deals, contacts, campaign metrics, and more without leaving Excel or Google Sheets.

report hubspot insights kloudio hubspot integration

How to Report HubSpot Insights with Kloudio

1. Auto-Generated Queries and Reports

Get your Hubspot campaign metrics when and where you need them with Kloudio. Queries and reports are automatically generated at your preferred cadence. Whether you need to know your marketing conversion rates weekly, daily, or even live updates by the minute—Kloudio has you covered.

2. Quick Launch Report Builder

Kloudio’s intuitive report builder allows marketers to generate insightful reports on your Hubspot website engagement, customer deals, and conversions in record time. So you spend less time compiling reports and more time on planning your next successful Hubspot marketing campaign.

3. Two-Way Data Sync

Do you prefer just updating your Hubspot campaign metrics Google Sheets or Excel document? How about directly in Hubspot? Kloudio syncs up-to-date data both ways so that you can make the updates on the platform of your choice.

Kloudio + HubSpot

The benefits of our Hubspot integration extend far beyond the transfer of data. When your marketing and sales teams are knowledgeable about campaign metrics, overall performance improves, website engagement is higher and more deals close. Reporting on Hubspot data is the powerful first step towards becoming a top marketing and sales unit.

Ready to give Kloudio and the HubSpot integration a test drive?

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