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Top Takeaways From AWS re:Invent 2018

The Kloudio Team spent last week in Las Vegas at AWS re:Invent. It’s Amazon’s annual user summit with a focus on cloud computing and data. For the 7th year in a row, the event was the biggest success yet. Thousands of cloud computing experts joining the table of discussion.

Both our CEO, Krishna Bhat, and CTO, Sathish Raju, spent great quality time speaking with the cloud computing network at large and gained insights on data management practices.

In case you weren’t able to attend, here the Kloudio Team’s key takeaways from AWS re:Invent based on the sessions we attended.

Select appropriate tools for your business use case

Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services, kicked off the day with a keynote highlighting the business-centric message of using the appropriate AWS tools for the right use case. Ultimately freeing up time for data experts to make strategic business decisions.

Too often employees are made to leverage a tech stack that doesn’t fit their use case as a result of additional overhead. Certainly, with the growth of diverse and valuable offerings, these scenarios can be reduced in the future.

The team at Kloudio couldn’t agree more with this message. As we continue to explain our own platform, we also build in anticipation for a future where decision-makers don’t have to worry about having the right technology, but rather have the ability to customize it and make it helpful for their own use cases.

Amazon created and launched a time series database

We expect many are happy to hear Amazon created and launched their own time series database. Amazon Timestream will help users track items over time.

In fact, Forbes notably states: “This re:Invent turned AWS into a cloud with the most comprehensive database offerings.” We couldn’t agree more.

The database will change the way billions and trillions are tracking and analyzing for businesses at a fraction of the costs competitors offer. It’s a fully managed database while also driving real-time decision making by tracking data are record speeds.

Focus on AI and machine learning

This time around, Amazon continues to focus on the importance of AI and machine learning and the variable here is speed. AWS Marketplace will now enable developers to create and sell their own machine learning models. So there’s no doubt many are ready to hit the market.

With the launch of this machine learning and AI model marketplace, Amazon will also have SageMaker offerings. This will help to deploy machine learning and AI models at a faster rate. That’s why having an integration that processes data real-time is becoming a crucial factor in any machine learning or AI initiatives. We know what is possible, it’s a matter of accomplishing more at a faster rate.

We also learn that Amazon making the most of their 2015 investment in Annapurna, a chip-design company. Annapurna is expected to create custom chips. They will be used by AWS deliver machine learning models at a budget-friendly price. The inference chip was created for models developed in TensorFlow, Apache MXNet, and PyTorch frameworks.

In summary…

Data continues to be the most valuable assets of most organizations. Building an internal cloud strategy generates huge benefits. The AWS re:Invent summit showcased to us that the future of cloud computing will enable organizations to take more accurate and timely strategic actions.

Amazon is operating at x10 the average speed to keep themselves ahead of the competitor. With all these exciting new announcements, AWS has caught data analysts by surprise by enhancing existing offerings.

Here at Kloudio, we’re looking forward to bringing users with more integrations through our cloud platform in the coming year. To learn more about Kloudio and try out the platform for free, please visit us here.

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