We make data accessibility and reporting simpler, more accurate, and more effective.

As former consultants of Fortune 500 companies, co-founders Krishna Bhat and Sathish Raju uncovered the need for cost-effective cloud data access solutions in modern organizations. With this in mind, Kloudio was designed to support today’s growing teams in overcoming the challenges of limiting legacy data access solutions.

Kloudio’s data access solutions democratize SMB and enterprise data accessibility.

Our solution is the self-service, no code data accessibility and analysis hub that brings people the right information when and where they need it to make better business decisions. 

From Netflix to Square to Rakuten, thousands of people around the world use Kloudio’s data process automation platform to analyze data from their tech stack, connect teams with more accurate reporting, and scale their businesses.

Kloudio’s investors include Unusual Ventures, Firebolt Ventures, and Jason Calacanis.

See how Kloudio’s automated data wrangling enables business analysts to quickly analyze the metrics that matter in their favorite spreadsheet tool—whether they need to access data from the cloud via web applications, SQL databases, data warehouses or any other data source. 

If you’re looking for a data access company to simplify financial data analysis, empower your analysts with secure data engineering tools, or accelerate reporting with a suite of data integration tools, you’ve come to the right place.

Kloudio empowers you to do more with your data

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