Data-Driven Decision-Making:

2021 Report

What tools do you use for last-mile data analysis? And what is Data-Driven Decision Making?

We interviewed thousands of business users to understand how they’re investing in business intelligence and reporting tools to access, prepare, and act on their data. Get the report to learn more about the advantages of automating business analytics for data-driven decision making.

Download Kloudio’s Data-Driven Decision-Making 2021 Report

Here are some key findings:

  • 81% of business professionals use spreadsheets to make sense of their data—despite the various data tools available to them in their organization
  • Those who download data from a BI tool spend more than 75% of their time gathering, cleaning, and manipulating their data post-download.

Despite a $20 billion Business Intelligence market, 42-year-old spreadsheet tools are still the go-to for last-mile data analysis.

To learn more about how business users prefer to access data and prep for data-driven decisions, download our Data-Driven Decision-Making Report →

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