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Powerful enterprise features that empower your teams to easily access the data they need without sacrificing security. 

GDPR and SOC2 Compliance

Usage Analytics

Custom Integrations

Role Based Access Controls

Team Features

On Premise Installation

Audit Trails

Single Sign On

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GDPR, SOC 2, and HIPAA Compliant

We know nothing is more important than data security. Kloudio is GDPR, SOC 2, and HIPAA compliant. We've also passed industry leading vulnerability detection tests such as AlertLogic and have passed the security and query performance tests of multiple Fortune 500 firms.

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Powerful Access Controls With KloudML

KloudML is our proprietary markup language that enables IT and engineering teams to fine-tune the Kloudio experience for employees on a per user basis. Using KloudML, firms can enforce robust access controls and permissions, streamline user workflows, and so much more.

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In-Depth Audit Trails and Usage Analytics

Usage Analytics

Our advanced usage analytics and visualizations show you how often and in what ways different users are leveraging Kloudio. View all of the workflows being driven by Kloudio at a glance and see for yourself exactly how much time is being saved and how much value is being added to your firm. Easily gain actionable insights that will ensure your users are working efficiently and utilizing our product to it's fullest potential at all times.

Detailed Audit Trails

Kloudio utilizes a robust monitoring and auditing framework that provides an immutable, centralized log of all user activity - so the who, what, when, and where details of every single action that takes place is recorded and stored in chronological order. Audit logs are easily searchable and exportable by account admins. 

Team Features

Our robust suite of team features allow you to customize departmental reports and assign tasks and workflows to individuals. In addition, create global templates and share reports and insights with relevant teams with ease. 

Single Sign On (SSO)

Single sign-on allows users across your firm to access and use Kloudio without requiring a separate Kloudio login. Users will instead be authenticated through your own application. Some of the single sign on solutions we support are G-Suite, OpenID, Okta, Windows Live, and more.

Custom Integrations

Kloudio was built to easily accommodate new data sources and end-user platforms. We add to our list of supported integrations on a monthly basis, and we build custom integrations and features on request for our enterprise clients.

Free For Enterprises

We build custom integrations for our enterprise clients at no cost so you can be confident that Kloudio will support all of your data sources, both now and going into the future.

Rapid Development

We are usually able to accommodate custom integration requests within 14 days of fielding them. We provide status updates along the way so you're never in the dark.

On-premise Installation

We offer cloud based, on-premise, and hybrid installations to meet the exact needs of your enterprise.

On-premise Installation

Our on-premise version ensures no data ever leaves your firewall when cloud based solutions are not an option due to policy. 

Cloud Based

Our cloud based platform is fast, secure, and used by many enterprise firms to manage highly confidential data like finance or healthcare information.

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