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Data-Driven Decision-Making: 2021 Report

How professionals use and invest in data, tooling, and people to drive their organizations into the future

Netflix Case Study

Discover how Kloudio saves Netflix over 16,000 employee hours every year.

The CFO’s Guide to the Continuous Month End Close

"Always Be Closing" doesn't just apply to Sales.

The Modern Data Stack—Explained in Five Minutes

If you've ever said the words, "We have so much valuable data, but we don't know what to do with it," you're in the right place.

The CMO’s Guide to Automated Monthly Marketing Attribution

On average, marketing professionals only utilize about 60% of their core marketing data from their martech stack.

Excel Formula Database

Access a comprehensive list of Excel formulas you may need for your next analysis or report.

Key Financial Terms & Metrics

Download the ultimate list of all key financial terms and metrics to align your team and streamline your finance processes.

The Modern Month-End Close Checklist

The average month-end close cycle is 12 days... How long is yours?
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