Business insight without the data wrangling

Kloudio enables business analysts to quickly create the metrics that matter through real-time, unified data access to SaaS applications and databases in the spreadsheet of your choice. No custom coding, SQL queries or data wrangling skills required.

10,000 hours of employee time saved every year

More analysis. Less paralysis.

Per IDC, 73% of a financial analyst’s time is buried in data access and preparation. At Kloudio, we remove all the custom coding, connectors, merging, filtering, cutting, pasting, pivoting, scrubbing, and data massaging that bogs down your analyst and engineering teams every day.

Create a unified, real-time report in minutes

Enable secure, self-serve access to any data

How Kloudio's Automated Data Wrangling Works


Learn how Kloudio saved Netflix over 16,000 employee hours annually.

What our customers are saying

Super easy tool to automate and schedule data retrieval from MySQL databases. Sharing created reports and dashboards is effortless for both parties. Kloudio representatives are easily reachable for questions and are very open to product feedback.
Luis Rodriguez
Business Intelligence Analyst

We’ve tried other solutions that claim to do the job, but none of them work as effortlessly as Kloudio. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who’d like an end to end solution for ETL and reporting/analysis.

Yekun Wang
Data Analyst

Kloudio filled a workflow gap that we have been trying to overcome for months. Extremely useful tool and extremely easy to implement – would highly recommend to those looking to drive efficiencies in their spreadsheet based processes

Keana Monroy-Gill
Director of Marketing

Kloudio empowers you to do more with your data

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