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Insights from SaaStr 2019

Welcome to the Kloudio Blog! I’m Suk, Account Executive from Kloudio.

This year, I was able to attend SaaStr Annual 2019, from February 5-7, as a representative of Kloudio. The conference itself proved to be a valuable experience for attendees.

From meeting with like-minded CEOs and Co-founders from all over the world, to discussing questions that leaders are challenged by every day.

Living in the Bay Area my entire SaaS career, SaaStr still managed to expand the scope to which I understood the local B2B community. After attending SaaStr Annual 2019 I have also been humbled by the outstanding insights and accomplishments of my peers.

Here’s a quick rundown.

Rundown of highlights from the conference

Day 1 –  Join Kevin Egan, Slack’s VP of North American Sales and Dannie Herzberg, Slack’s Director of Sales walked through Slack’s Freemium to Enterprise strategies.

Day 2 – Mark Roberge, Senior Lecturer with Harvard Business School, former CRO of Hubspot, and author of bestseller “The Sales Acceleration Formula” walk through steps to revenue growth.

Day 3 – Automattic Inc. Founder Matt Mullenweg and Tony Conrad, True Ventures Partner and founder of and Sphere went over lessons learned on the way to powering the web. Open source WordPress is the most popular online publishing platform, currently powering more than 28 percent of the web.

Today, I’ll be sharing some of my key takeaways from the talented folks I had the honor to speak with.

Solve a problem with your product

CEO of Giraffe, Anish Shivdasani, spoke on the key challenges he faced in building a recruiting platform in South Africa through incredible stories of resilience. Demonstrating what really helped build Giraffe to become the leading strategic solution it is today: Anish had set out to solve a local problem before rolling it out to the entire continent.

Giraffe CEO and his co-founder

While he was fully aware of the limitations in access to talent, capital, and education in the local community, he inspired his team to think outside the box. Effectively coming up with a strategic approach that included a user-friendly interface allowing individuals of varying education and experience levels to access subscription free.

Since then, Africa has been booming market, leapfrogging many countries because of the increasing number of mobile users. Gone are the days without personal computers and lack of capital. Because of mobile technology Africans now have access to the internet which has opened doors for SaaS platforms like Giraffe.

This has also allowed online currency transactions to become more predominant, whereas developed communities still mainly use card or cash transactions. With this in mind, Anish leveraged skilled workers and their strengths in the workforce to make a positive impact on building the wealth of the local community.

Strong teams are built upon diversity

As the day drew to an end, happy hour was in store. But that didn’t mean the learning was over. At the end of each day, I met more leaders that shared inspiring stories about building their teams.

But there was one consistent learning they all took away from their successes. That their strengths lay with their talent. Without diversity in their teams, they wouldn’t be where they were today.

Whether they are dream teams under ten employees to thousands of employees, these leaders all understood that having a positive culture and engaging relationships with their team is the key to success moving forward in the B2B SaaS marketplace.

My learnings

SaaStr 2019 taught me there is something to be learned from everyone that we meet. My experience at one conference alone can prove the value of relationship-building externally and internally amongst team members.

Having a deep understanding of how many of these multi-billionaires and millionaires have become successful in their personal and business life shows us that everyone starts by solving a problem for others.

Each of these successes stories don’t belong to their CEO alone, but are shared and celebrate with teams that made them happen. Are you currently contributing to a dream team? If so, what are some valuable lessons you have taken away?

Learn more about Kloudio.

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