Kloudio + Amazon RedShift ETL Tool

Securely query data, visualize insights and generate customized reports from Amazon Redshift data warehouses in minutes with Kloudio’s Amazon Redshift ETL tool. Combine the power of Amazon Redshift with Kloudio's intuitive report builder and gain actionable insights without leaving Excel or Google Sheets.

Kloudio + Amazon Redshift ETL Tool

Amazon Redshift ETL tool for Excel and Google Sheets

Kloudio’s powerful Amazon Redshift ETL tool for data integration allows users to customize Amazon Redshift reporting with detailed metrics from large data sets in minutes, without leaving their preferred end-user tool. Kloudio’s Amazon Redshift data warehouse exchange and integration features deliver premium analytics of Amazon Redshift data, empowering users to work where they are most productive (a spreadsheet) instead of wasting time with more complex tools and reporting processes.

Fully Automated Amazon Redshift ETL Tool for Reporting

Kloudio’s Amazon Redshift ETL tool delivers automatically generated reports at your preferred cadence with insights unparalleled to any other report builder. Our Amazon Redshift data visualization report builder is intuitive and fast enough for ad-hoc analysis, but repeated reports can be scheduled to refresh or run again at any frequency so you only have to build them one time.

Self-Service Amazon Redshift Reporting

Kloudio’s visual Amazon Redshift query builder allows non-technical users to create powerful reports from MySQL data. Don’t worry – data experts and IT teams can still use SQL. Despite this, many SQL wizards still prefer our drag and drop builder for its speed and ease of use.

Data is Always Secure

Kloudio runs in harmony with your existing data security infrastructure, and our portal is run through HTTPS, the same protocol used in online banking. We’ve passed the stringent security requirements of multiple Fortune 500 firms, and our enterprise features like KloudML were designed for your organization to enforce custom data security protocols and governance procedures.

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