Kloudio + Facebook Ads Integration

Easily query Facebook Ads data, visualize insights, and automate Facebook Ads reports using Kloudio’s Facebook Ad integration without ever leaving Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

Kloudio + Facebook Ads Integration

Easily accessible Facebook Ads reporting tool for Excel and Google Sheets

Kloudio’s Facebook integration to Google Sheets and Excel allows users to accelerate and simplify Facebook Ads reporting, empowering them to gain actionable insights from Facebook Ads data in seconds – all without leaving their favorite spreadsheet. Even non-technical marketing analysts can easily build a Facebook Ads reporting dashboard, and combine different spreadsheet integrations and data sources to gain insights into Facebook Ad performance and other customer behavior without relying on IT or engineering teams.


Kloudio’s visual drag and drop Facebook Ad report generator allows marketers to quickly and easily create custom reports from Facebook Ad metrics like engagement, costs, conversions, etc on a whim. These reports can be run in seconds for ad-hoc analysis without ever leaving your preferred spreadsheet application or end-user tool. Recurring reports can be scheduled to run at any desired frequency.


Automate Facebook Ads reports when and where you need them with Kloudio. Queries and reports based on Facebook Ads data are automatically generated at your preferred cadence, right within your favorite spreadsheet application. Whether you need to monitor your Facebook Ad performance weekly, daily or even want a live spreadsheet that updates every minute, Kloudio has you covered.


Kloudio runs on top of your existing data security infrastructure, and our portal is run through HTTPS, the same protocol used in online banking. We’ve passed the stringent security requirements of multiple Fortune 500 firms, and our plans have features like KloudML that enable your organization to enforce custom data security protocols and data governance procedures.

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