Kloudio + Google Big Query Integration

Easily and securely generate reports from your Google BigQuery data using Kloudio's self-service report builder. Kloudio's Google BigQuery integration enables non-technical users to easily query and access BigQuery data without leaving their favorite spreadsheet application or end-user tool.

Self-Service Reporting

Kloudio’s visual query builder allows non-technical users to create powerful reports from BigQuery data. Don’t worry – data experts and IT teams can still use SQL. Despite this, many SQL wizards still prefer our drag and drop builder for its ease of use and speed!

Fully Automated

Kloudio delivers automatically generated reports at your preferred cadence right into your preferred spreadsheet application or end-user tool. Our visual report builder is intuitive and fast enough for ad-hoc analysis, but repeated reports can be scheduled to refresh or run again at any frequency so you can set and forget your weekly sales, marketing, product, or finance reports and trust that they will always remain up to date.

Bi-directional Exchange of Data

Persist and update data from your spreadsheet or end-user tool back to BigQuery as easily as you downloaded it. Kloudio supports powerful data validation and formatting tools to eliminate manual data-entry and formatting errors.

Free real-time Google BigQuery data in your spreadsheet

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