Kloudio + Google BigQuery

Easily and securely generate reports from your Google BigQuery captured data using Kloudio's self-service report builder. Kloudio's Google BigQuery integration enables your data analysts to gain powerful insights and more productivity in minutes.

Automated Queries

Integrate Google BigQuery with Kloudio to combine the power of serverless data analytics and easy reporting for every decision maker. Kloudio automates queries from Google BigQuery so you can unlock more business insights using your current tech stack.

Fast Reporting

Accelerate the efficiency of your developers by freeing up their time to focus on writing and deploying code, not compiling reports. Kloudio's self-service report builder helps your growing team prioritize and build scalable products.

Bi-directional Data Syncing

Encourage frequent data tracking and updates by connecting and syncing your Google BigQuery data to Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Have data in Google Sheets you'd like to put in Google BigQuery? Kloudio enables this with just 2 clicks without leaving Google Sheets.

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