Kloudio + JIRA Integration

Easily query, visualize, and update JIRA data with Kloudio’s JIRA integration to Excel and JIRA integration to Google Sheets Tool

Kloudio + JIRA Integration

Easily accessible JIRA Integration Tool for Excel and Google Sheets

Kloudio’s JIRA to Excel integration and JIRA to Google Sheets integration allows users to combine the power of JIRA with Kloudio’s intuitive report builder to gain actionable insights from data in seconds – all without leaving Excel or Google Sheets. Users can bring details about support tickets and feature requests into a master spreadsheet, and to combine it with other vital customer data to give a 360° view of the customer.

Even non-technical, financial analysts can build sophisticated reports combining different integrations and data sources to gain insights into customer activity without relying on data engineering teams. Need to add an extra field to the report? No problem – with Kloudio’s easy integrations for JIRA, there is no delay while the data team processes the request.

Fully Automated Jira Integration

Get critical JIRA KPI data such as completed storypoints or burndown charts when and where you need it. Automate reports and queries and have them run every week, day, or even minute for a live spreadsheet.

Self-Service Reporting

Kloudio’s visual query builder allows non-technical users to create powerful reports from JIRA data. Don’t worry, with our seamless Jira integration advanced queries can still be written through SQL, although even data experts prefer our visual builder due to speed and ease of use!

Bi-Directional Exchange of Data

Kloudio’s easy integrations for JIRA can persist record updates from spreadsheets such as Google Sheets and Excel back to JIRA. Eliminate tedious data tasks like manual data-entry, copy / pasting, and importing / exporting csv files. Kloudio hosts a suite of powerful data validation and formatting rules to eliminate manual errors and formatting mistakes when uploading data.

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