Kloudio + Outreach Integration

Seamlessly query, visualize, and update Outreach data within Excel or Google Sheets with Kloudio’s Outreach integration.

Outreach Integration product for Excel and Google Sheets

No Code ETL platform enabling Outreach integration with any data warehouse – Amazon Redshift, Google Bigquery, Snowflake and Microsoft Azure for spreadsheet reporting and uploading. Find more about our Outreach custom integration here.

Kloudio enables Google Sheets and Excel to integrate with Outreach, allowing users to accelerate and simplify Outreach data reporting, empowering them to gain actionable insights from Outreach data in seconds – all without leaving their favorite spreadsheet. Even non-technical analysts can easily build Outreach data visualizations, and combine different spreadsheet data integration tools and data sources to gain insights into Outreach data analytics and other customer behavior without relying on IT or engineering teams.


Kloudio’s visual query builder and no code analysis product for Outreach integration offers finance teams the ability to quickly and easily create custom Outreach reports and queries without ever leaving their preferred spreadsheet solution such as Excel, Google Sheets or Kloudio’s own Supersheets. Generate reports from Outreach transactions such as charges, customers, payouts, refunds, products, prices etc on a whim for instant ad-hoc analysis without any IT or engineering involvement.


Instantly get access to a variety of pre-built Outreach financial templates for you to immediately get to business insights. Whether it is the month end close management report or quarterly or monthly variance analysis report, within minutes, you can edit the Outreach reporting template to connect your own data source to see live data and metrics. Once the template is refreshed with your Outreach data, it is available for you to customize, add more calculations, collaborate with team members and publish for internal approvals.


Kloudio data wrangling allows users to load Outreach data into your own data warehouse with our Amazon Redshift ETL tool, Google Bigquery integration, Snowflake data integration tool or Microsoft Azure integration within minutes, not months. Kloudio’s no code ETL platform lets you choose your KPIs or data elements and selectively loads this data at your chosen frequency into your own data warehouse in an easy to extract tabular format.

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