Kloudio + Microsoft SQL Server Integration

Securely query data, visualize insights and generate customized reports from your Microsoft SQL Server database in minutes. Run reports without leaving your favorite spreadsheet application or end-user tools.

Fast and User Friendly Reporting/Querying

Kloudio makes it simple for you to query and track data from Microsoft SQL in minutes. Our robust drag and drop visual builder makes it possible for any non-technical user to quickly create detailed, custom reports with Microsoft SQL data. We support SQL as well, but even data experts often prefer our visual builder for its speed and ease of use!

Fully Automated

Kloudio delivers automatically generated reports on your preferred cadence with insights unparalleled to any other report builder. All you have to do is set-up a connection to your database and let Kloudio bring you your next weekly, monthly and annual report.

Always Secure

Kloudio runs on top of your existing data security infrastructure, and our portal is run through HTTPS, the same protocol used in online banking. We’ve passed the stringent security requirements of multiple Fortune 500 firms, and our enterprise features like KloudML were designed for your organization to enforce custom data security protocols and governance procedures. See more details on our Security page.

Free real-time Microsoft SQL Server data in your spreadsheet

More Integrations

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