Kloudio + Salesforce Integration

Easily query, visualize, and update Salesforce data with Kloudio’s Salesforce Excel integration and Salesforce Google integration.

Kloudio + Salesforce Integration

Easily accessible Salesforce Integration Tools for Excel and Google Sheets

Since Kloudio is an end-to-end data access solution, spreadsheet reports can link Salesforce data with relevant information from other corporate data sources (such as support details from Zendesk). Even non-technical users can use Kloudio’s Salesforce data integration tools to build sophisticated reports combining different data sources to gain insights into business performance and customer health.

Kloudio’s Salesforce database integration easily syncs Salesforce data to any spreadsheet, and once set up, the process is fully automated.

Self-Service Reporting

Kloudio’s visual query builder allows financial business users the ability to quickly and easily create custom reports and queries without ever leaving their preferred tool using Kloudio’s Excel and Google Sheets integration with Salesforce. Generate reports from Salesforce contacts, prospects, leads, opportunities and accounts on a whim for instant ad-hoc analysis without any IT or engineering involvement.

Fully Automated Salesforce Data Integration

Our visual report builder is intuitive and fast enough for ad-hoc analysis, but repeated reports and workflows can be scheduled to refresh or run at any desired frequency – even up to every minute for a live spreadsheet!

Bi-Directional Exchange of Data

Kloudio can update and persist records from end-user applications like Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel back to Salesforce. We offer powerful data validation and formatting rules that eliminate manual errors and remove the tedious copy/paste/export work from the lives of our users.

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