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Jitjatjo automates 30% of work week spent on manual tasks

In just 3 short years, NYC startup Jitjatjo is disrupting the mobile marketplace for real-time temporary employment, focusing on the hospitality sector.

With thousands of daily users, their 5-star team of 30 employees deals with large quantities of data regularly.

So when it comes down to their success, it’s most crucial the team is able to make strategic decisions in a timely manner. All while being able to leverage the data they have on users and their market.

Driving data-centric decisions

We spoke with Drew Kaplan, Jitjatjo’s Head of Growth, to learn more about his team’s drive to become a more data-centric organization.

He highlighted right away the need for everyone on the Jitjatjo team to make timely and effective decisions based on data:

“We’re a data centric organization at its core. We try to make decisions that data supports rather than subjective human feelings. That’s not always easily to accomplish from all employees. We help to help them by making the data available.”

Jitjatjo was first introduced to Kloudio by a chance introduction from their Head of Product. From day one, the platform was easy to implement and integrated with Google Sheets and PostgreSQL. Two spaces in which they relied heavily on data storage.

Since implementation, Kloudio delivers frequent data reports to Jitjatjo’s users using data queries from Google Sheets for data visualization. Effectively aligning with Jitjatjo’s need report data quickly and help their team visualization data.

Automating manual tasks

Before automating data queries, Drew describes a regular day’s work to include 30% of his time manually collecting data from tools like Google Sheets and Slack. This would require additional review to improve accuracy and reduce human error.

That’s a lot of valuable time juggling long Google Sheets that can otherwise help his team visualize data.

Now using Kloudio for data queries from Google Sheets and reporting, Drew is happy to report that his team is able to quickly analyze the needs of 80,000+ user database demographics WITHOUT manual data collection. This allows the team to react to data in a timely manner to make decisions that reduce user churn.

After using the Kloudio platform for past 9 months, Drew expresses the team, “really relies on the data reports Kloudio generates and trusts the information is accurate.”

Prioritizing data security

“Data security has always been at the forefront for the leadership team,” Drew notes.

In fact, Drew is taking additional steps within Kloudio and beyond to prioritize data security, stating:

“The data that we store has very sensitive fields. Over the past few months, we’ve built out different accounts to tailor for reports for specific roles. For instance, HR should be the only ones viewing employee reports.”

Kloudio’s security practices support users like the Jitjatjo team by adhering to a strict set of security policies and internal access controls designed to ensure that both user data and internal assets.

Data accessibility for all

Kloudio makes data accessible to all of Jitjatjo’s employees. As a result, Jitjatjo has a 100% engagement rate when it comes to employee data consumption. This means all employees are on board with leveraging Kloudio to make regular strategic decisions.

Even without SQL knowledge, 100% of Jitjatjo employees can still build queries to generate reports. For instance, Matthew, Head of Finance can easily run payroll queries for the team without using SQL.

Alternatively, technical experts like Head of Product can still use SQL to build out queries.

For Jitjatjo, the business benefits of making data accessible to employees with varying levels of technical knowledge are immense. That’s why Kloudio supports users at varying technical knowledge levels.

Beyond leveraging data to make strategic product decisions, Kloudio can also support data queries for business operations.

Continuous support from Kloudio

In partnering with Kloudio, Jitjatjo’s leadership can be confident that continuous support will always be regular and timely—both technical in solution or not.

“I’ve already recommended Kloudio to a number of people. They’re always looking for ways to query info when they are not on the tech side.”

—Drew Kaplan, Head of Growth

Moving forward, Jitjatjo will be integrating new web connections releases to their Kloudio accounts. Some of these will include the much-anticipated Intercom and Stripe integrations. Explore how Kloudio can help your organization increase automation.  

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