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What We Learned at SaaStr 2017

Last week, I attended SaaStr Annual 2017 for the first time representing Kloudio.  Needless to say, I walked away with a strong impression.  So I thought: Why not write about it?

It was held 2 days after the Super Bowl; a tough act to follow!  But, it was definitely one big party among all startups, companies, and those within the field. Attending the conference lead to an ever-growing chain of advantages.

Above all else, I was honored to be part of such an event, and I’m eager to share my experiences.

1. The strategic stuff: Various keynote speakers with industry wisdom took the stage.  They’re creators of overwhelmingly successful SaaS-based businesses, and shared bits and pieces of their prosperity.  Details included outlining their ingredients to success within themselves, customers, investors, employees, shareholders, and their enterprise.

From Trello to Domo, each talk provided an unprecedented amount of learning opportunities for Kloudio.

One of the best events I personally found was that of Jason interviewing Jyoti Bansal, founder of AppDynamics, who recently got acquired by Cisco for a cool $3.7 billion.

It was a perfect way to cap off the event.  Conferences like these are vital to keeping this space relevant, particularly with issues faced by immigrants in the current administration.

AppDynamics CEO Interview at Saastr Annual 2017

2. The tactical stuff:

Calling all start-ups: This section is for you.

This was probably the most crucial part of early-stage start-ups like Kloudio.

I was simply amazed at the variety of topics covered, from creating your first outbound sales team to data analysis/data science, to generating leads, to hiring and managing your executive team.

It gave an opportunity for founders to learn from the very best in each field. Panels included leading industry experts and VCs such as David SkokAaron RossMark Roberge, and Tomas Tunguz.

SaaStr Audience

3. The SaaSy network: Hands down, the audience stole the show.

I never saw such an enormous collection of tech founders. The SaaStr mobile app was abuzz with people posting and exchanging notes about hiring, sales, fundraising, marketing, customer success, and any other topic imaginable.

For our own data analytics startup, Kloudio bridges the gap between Excel and Google Sheets with any data source, and this opportunity proved invaluable to our mission.

We not only secured some international leads but also spoke to potential candidates for hires.

In short, the entirety of the event l was phenomenal.  I highly recommend anyone whose business is B2B SaaS-focused to join in on the fun.

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