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Kloudio is now on AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog of tried and true software products that makes it easy for customers to find, buy, and deploy quality software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Today we’re thrilled to share with all Amazon Web Services (AWS) users that you can now easily subscribe and start using Kloudio by visiting our AWS Marketplace listing here.

For years, Kloudio has made it possible for data experts to securely query data, visualize insights, and generate customized reports. Striving to deliver users top-of-line analytics without extra administrative tasks.

Our CEO, Krishna Bhat, has a strong vision on data accessibility moving forward:

“With six teams in Netflix saving up to 16,000 man-hours annually and more than 2,200 registered business users from 90 countries using Kloudio within a year of launch, we are on a mission to democratize data access.”

To learn more, read our Netflix Case Study.

With Kloudio’s integration with Amazon Redshift, querying, and syncing data from Redshift data warehouses can complete in minutes.

Here’s an overview of how it works:

Automated Syncing to Amazon Redshift

Kloudio delivers automatically generated reports on your preferred cadence with insights unparalleled to any other report builder. All you have to do is set-up a connection and let Kloudio bring you your next weekly, monthly and annual report.

Easily Report Amazon Redshift Data

Kloudio makes it simple for you to query and track data from your Redshift data warehouses in minutes. Spend less time compiling, and more time gaining insights from your data. Break free administrative tasks without compromising results.

Enhanced Security Protocols

Kloudio portal is run over HTTPS, the same protocol used in online banking so that you can be assured your data is always secure. And with our dedication to end-user security, KloudML was created for your organization to enforce custom data security protocols as well.

For current Kloudio users that have already connected Kloudio to AWS, feel free to leave us a review and share with other AWS users your Kloudio experience.

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