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Kloudio improves data reporting with new Salesforce integration

Kloudio launches new Salesforce integration to make it even easier to generate reports on lead, sales, deal, customer data and more.

We are now available on the Salesforce Appexchange as a Salesforce partner.

Kloudio, a leader in data reporting, connecting any spreadsheet to your data source,  announced the release of its new Salesforce integration.

The Salesforce integration was created to support sales and marketing teams by enabling them to organize, run, and report on leads, deals, sales and customers all in one place.

With less time manually compiling data reports from Salesforce, you’ll be able to drive higher lead numbers and focus on closing more strategic deals.

“Our Salesforce integration is an example of how efficient data reporting can disrupt an industry. The new integration helps facilitate better data reporting and automate the execution of transparent sales and marketing activities. Employees know what data is available to them at any given time and are able to make more accurate decisions.”

— Krishna Bhat, Kloudio CEO

The Salesforce integration includes the following functionalities:

Self-service Reporting

Instantly query live data from Salesforce contacts, prospects, leads, opportunities and accounts for instant ad-hoc analysis – all without leaving your spreadsheet application.

Fully Automated

Automate Salesforce reports and queries and have them run every week, day, or even minute for a live spreadsheet. CRM reporting made effortless.

Bi-directional Exchange of Data

Kloudio can persist record updates from spreadsheets such as Google Sheets and Excel back to Salesforce, eliminating manual data entry tasks.

Automatically Sync to Data Warehouse

Sync your Salesforce data to your data warehouse with a sync frequency that works for you; whether it’s weekly, daily, and even hourly. Once it’s loaded to your data warehouse you can create reports using our self-service Report Builder wizard or SQL.

The Kloudio + Salesforce integration makes it easier than ever for sales and marketing professionals to facilitate better reporting with the help of a self-service report builder, easy-to-follow templates, and easy syncing—saving you time for more strategic work.

Ready to sync your Salesforce data to your data warehouse? Try Kloudio’s 14-day risk-free trial

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