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Kloudio’s New Look and New Features

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of the latest version of our product!

Automated Reporting just got a lot more simple to configure and use with Kloudio. We’ve added tons of new features and designed a brand-new user interface to make it even easier for you to create and schedule a report or to write-back data to your own database — without any coding help. Check out how painless we’ve made it for you to simplify and automate your reporting processes on top of Google Sheets.

What’s new?

A lot, starting with a sleek user interface featuring an upgraded theme. Check out our much friendlier UI that’s consistent across all application pages. From a core functionality perspective, we have broken down the changes into relevant sections, as shown below.

New Integrations

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MS SQL and Redshift – Now you can connect to these databases to extract data, schedule jobs, and write back data, all from the comfort of Google Sheets!


We’ve also streamlined the process of creating a report, in both builder and SQL modes:

  1. Select data sources from any schema and not just the public schema
  2. Select your own date and time format for any date type columns and see it in action on Google Sheets — this one’s a crowd favorite.
  3. Specify sort option, Ascending or Descending, by any column
  4. Decide which filter operator (=//between/contains etc) to use
  5. Copy, Rename, Share, and Tag from the main window like a pro!

Scheduled Refreshes

This is one of our most popular features, so we’ve carefully considered your suggestions before developing these upgrades:

  1. Hourly and 15-minute refreshes
  2. Schedule directly from the Add-on menu as well as the sidebar, immediately after running your Kloudio report
  3. Success and failure email notifications that you can turn on/off as needed

Feature Templates

Introducing Postgres and Redshift templates that allow you to write-back data to these databases from Google Sheets without any IT involvement!


The new version helps you maximize your productivity by enabling you to share and collaborate with any other Kloudio user. When sharing, you can even specify whether you want to share in Edit mode or just Run mode. Simply go to Connections or Reports or Templates, click the 3 vertical dots next to the object you want to share and click Share!

Flexible Pricing

Starting today, we are rolling out Essentials and Enterprise plans so that you can choose the appropriate solution for your company, no matter its size or stage. Visit our pricing section to learn more about these plans.

The good news is because you’re one of our loyal and early adopters, we will reset your free trial counter, giving you an additional 14 free days before you decide to select the plan best suited to your needs!

Have a question?

Visit our brand-new help center to get it answered or chat with us anytime on our portal!

In launching this version, we’ve tried to compile as many features as possible to delight each and every one of you. If there’s a chance you expected but didn’t get included in this version, please know that we are constantly enhancing our product to empower you. That much-needed feature will probably make it into the next iteration.

As always, we’re just a few clicks or taps away, and we always love hearing how you feel about our product. So, reach out anytime.

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