What is KloudML?

KloudML is our proprietary markup language that enables even more optimizations and controls for firms that utilize Kloudio. Didn't think it was possible?

Simplify, Control, and Optimize the Kloudio Experience

KloudML enables IT and engineering teams to fine-tune the Kloudio experience for employees on a per user basis. KloudML is simple and intuitive, meaning even non-technical managers can leverage its power.

Robust Access Controls

Define user roles and enforce powerful access controls to fine-tune what data users can query, see, or update. Simplify workflows for end-users while increasing data security and confidentiality. 

Granular Access

Specify who gets access to what schemas, tables, columns, and even recordsets. 

Dynamic Filtering

Dynamically filter table data based on user roles and attributes. 

User Roles and Attributes

Define new roles and attributes or migrate existing roles from your system of record.

Optimize and Simplify Workflows

Define parameters like table dimensions and entity relationships so your end-users don't have to. Eliminate user mistakes and ensure that employee output is exactly what you want, every time. 

Table and Column Aliases

Convert technical table and column names to more descriptive and user-friendly names.

Dynamic and Calculated Columns

Specify measures and dimensions upfront so end-users don't have to during report definition. 

Entity Relationships

Define entity relationships (join conditions, foreign keys, owning schema, etc) so end users can eliminate this step from their reporting processes. 

Gut Feel vs Data-driven decisions

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