All of Your Data, Where You Want It

Kloudio users do all of their reporting and analysis without leaving their favorite end-user tools, and they can fully automate repeated workflows. We save our biggest clients thousands of employee hours annually.

Scheduled Refreshes 

After building reports, users can schedule them to be run at any frequency. Have sales, finance, and marketing reports refresh every week, day, or even minute.

Simple and Intuitive

Our intuitive query builder enables self-service reporting and analysis for everyone. Simplify the workflows of business users while letting IT teams focus on more pressing matters.

Two-Way Data Exchange

Never worry about discrepancies between end-user tools and corporate data sources. Update database records and corporate applications with one click, and completely eliminate the need for manual data-entry tasks.

Robust Upload Templates

Create powerful upload templates that persist record updates from spreadsheets to the original source in the correct format, every time. 

Eliminate Manual Errors

Data validation ensures that uploads always adhere perfectly to created templates and invalid/missing records are highlighted for end-users to quickly fix. 

Powerful Access Controls Using KloudML

KloudML is our proprietary markup language that enables IT and engineering teams to fine-tune the Kloudio experience for employees on a per user basis. Enforce powerful access controls and pre-define user workflows to make their jobs easier while ensuring data security and confidentiality.

Self-Service Without Sacrificing Security

Kloudio operates on top of your existing security infrastructure, using a secure and encrypted connection to query your data source directly. Since Kloudio uses a single point of access for each data source and data visibility is managed on a per-user basis, you can establish your own data governance protocol and limit data sprawl.

Effortless Reporting for Business Users in 3 Simple Steps


  1. Create a Connection

    Create a connection between your application and your external data source. In this example we use Google Sheets. Choose from advanced encryption and security options. Skip this step if your firm has already defined connections for you.

  2. Define Reports Using Our Visual Builder

    Easily create reports as a non-technical business user using our drag and drop query builder. Don't worry data wizards, you can still use SQL if you want. Skip this step if your firm has already defined reports for you.

  3. Run and Schedule Reports Without Leaving Your Spreadsheet

    While working on a spreadsheet, simply click the report you wish to run from a drop down menu and add any filters you wish to apply for instant analysis. Select how often you'd like the report to run - up to every minute!

Gut Feel vs Data-driven decisions

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