Do more with your data.

Kloudio allows you to connect data from any database or SaaS application to your preferred spreadsheet—no code or complex SQL queries required. Access your most important data in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel within minutes.

Install the Kloudio add-on for Excel or Google Sheets, and select your report from a drop-down menu. Voila! The data you need, magically populated inside your favorite spreadsheet applications, all within our secure data analysis and reporting software. Here’s how Kloudio works:

No-code data connectors

Drag and drop report builder

Real-time Data Analysis Software for Excel & Sheets


The Kloudio data access and analysis software for Excel and Google Sheets is simple and intuitive. Our spreadsheet analysis software enables you to upload and sync data from spreadsheets or end-user tools back to the original source.

Write back data

In-depth audit and analytics


Kloudio is GDPR, SOC-2, and HIPAA compliant. We’ve also passed industry-leading vulnerability detection tests like AlertLogic and have passed the security and query performance tests of multiple Fortune 500 firms.


Kloudio adheres to a strict set of security policies and internal access controls. These are designed to ensure that both customer data and internal assets are secure and limited to only their intended use.

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Internal Access Controls

Access to Kloudio production servers are restricted and handled on an individual basis. No third-party code is ever deployed on our production servers.

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Monitoring and Auditing

Kloudio follows strict internal auditing and monitoring procedures, and any actions in our system are recorded in detailed access logs. All code changes and updates to our production environment are reviewed for security issues before release.

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Kloudio utilizes third-party code analysis to ensure that our engineers follow CWE and OWASP guidelines and methodologies.

Kloudio empowers you to do more with your data

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