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SwarmSales Cuts 30% of Data Engineering Costs Using Kloudio

When you’re an early-stage B2B startup with a strong product, the bottleneck in growth is almost always sales related –  in which success often boils down to key relationships with enterprise accounts. As a growing, product-oriented business, this is usually your weakness and also the very last thing you want to be thinking about.

SwarmSales seeks to remove the hassle and uncertainty

That comes with growth efforts by connecting firms with independent sales professionals and only charging clients for actualized results – it’s a strong business model that has been getting some hype as of late.

A crucial aspect of their business model is the ability to utilize real-time forecasting for their critical business data. With so many different on-going deals and stages in the customer journey, SwarmSales’ employees needed to access constantly changing business data from an end-user solution like Excel or Google Sheets.

We sat down with Ankur Srivastava, the CEO of SwarmSales, to discuss the importance of real-time forecasting in their BI and the solutions they found that met their demanding needs. (In case you haven’t already guessed, Kloudio was a key component of their BI suite.)

“With Kloudio we were able to review the constant dynamic of the deal progression for various accounts and predict and monitor various key metrics in our sales pipeline.”

As is the case with SwarmSales and other companies with complex customer journeys. It was crucial that they received updated business data in tools like Excel were analysts. Customer-facing employees could comfortably and therefore, powerfully manipulate data to make decisions.

With Kloudio, SwarmSales analysts were able to get live data. From various sources into pivot tables, dashboards, and graphs in minutes. In addition, Kloudio enables them to easily change parameters and filters in these connected spreadsheets for robust, on a whim. The ad-hoc analysis that any employee could perform (regardless of SQL knowledge).

Using Kloudio, SwarmSales estimates that they cut data engineering employee hours by 30%

Commenting on the implementation process, Ankur said that “having come from a background of large-scale BI deployments myself. It was hard to believe that Kloudio would be implemented and integrated into our workflow within one hour. Sure enough, it was that easy.”

As more businesses move critical BI into the cloud. It is important that there remains an easy way for key decision-makers to access relevant data across various platforms. Therefore, in the cloud, on-site, and on the public internet. In a consolidated end-user tool. Because of this, Kloudio strives to be a universal solution for all of these businesses.

Ready to increase productivity and gain a complete view of your data? Try Kloudio today. 

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