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Excel Is Still Everyone’s Favorite Business Intelligence Tool

The holy grail of business intelligence is to have dashboards that automatically tell your team exactly what they need to know about the business. These dashboards put data at the fingertips of your analysts, empowering them to be more agile and efficient. They also provide the necessary insights and information to enable the non-analysts on the team to make better, faster decisions without having to get their hands data-dirty.

Do the business intelligence tools of today deliver on this promise? 

As we talk to companies big and small, we continue to see an amazing trend: everyone still uses spreadsheets to analyze their data. It doesn’t matter how much time or money they’ve invested in the best analytics platforms, name-brand tools, or data engineers—their team is still downloading data and analyzing it in spreadsheets.

In order to understand the prevalence of spreadsheet analysis among business intelligence tool users, we surveyed 1,700 people about their usage. We learned that 70% of business intelligence tool users conduct spreadsheet analyses at least monthly, and 35% do so daily.

excel business intelligence

Chances are good that even if you’ve invested in a world-class business intelligence tool, it’s not the holy grail your team needs. They’re likely struggling to find any intelligence in the canned, pre-built dashboards of their current tools.

So they spend significant time exporting and wrangling with data from multiple sources, merging it, and analyzing it—all to get the answers they need to make better decisions.  

Is this really how you want them to spend their time? The best tools—like Kloudio—work with your spreadsheets, not against them. Create a free Kloudio account today.

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