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15 Best Google Forms Add Ons to Level Up Your Surveys

If you’re familiar with G Suite, you might already have used Google Forms in one form or the other (literally). Just like other Google products, you can significantly level up your forms, surveys, and quizzes with Google Forms add ons. 

Google Forms add-ons — like the Kloudio Google Forms add-on — allow you to customize how you create, launch, and analyze your forms. Let’s unpack 15 Google Forms add ons for you to try.

Top 15 Google Forms Add Ons

  1. Kloudio
  2. SurveyMonkey
  3. Form Publisher
  4. Email Notifications
  5. Choice Eliminator
  6. formLimiter
  7. CheckItOut
  8. Form Values
  9. Data Director
  10. Advanced Summary
  11. QuilGo
  12. QR Code Maker
  13. Flubaroo
  14. PDF Builder
  15. DocAppender

1. Kloudio

The Kloudio Google Forms add-on changes how SQL and business analysts go about their day-to-day jobs. As soon as you install this plug-in, you can perform the following functions: 

  • Access data from various types of apps, databases, and warehouses
  • Automate your daily procedures of data preparation via drag and drop or through SQL
  • Download any of your forms data into Google Sheets
  • Create Google Forms reports
  • Automate regular data refreshes into linked Google Sheets
  • Write data back to a source system from Google Sheets

google forms add ons


The Kloudio Google Forms add-on is great for automating repetitive data-related tasks, as it provides broad functionalities to Google Form users. A bulk of the tool’s functions come to the fore in automation, which makes manual work obsolete. 

2. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey lets you reap the benefits of a renowned survey platform within your Google Forms. The add-on allows you to export your form data in just a few clicks. 

Some additional features include:

  • Approximately 15 types of question formats to help you create different survey forms. 
  • Customize Google forms by adding your company’s logo, URLs, colors, and thank you pages. 
  • Make the most out of your form’s responses by utilizing deep analytics to create data trends, text analysis, and much more. 
  • Connecting the add-on is quite simple; all you have to do is add the SurveyMonkey add-on in your toolbar so that you can import your questions with ease.  

3. Form Publisher

Transform your Google Forms into Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and PDFs with the Form Publisher add-on. Idle data is of no value; however, analyzing data can make it quite meaningful. 

Import the data from your forms into a more user-friendly format, and run various insights from it. This is not all; Form Publisher also turns your Google Forms into Microsoft Office files.

4. Email Notification

Google Forms Email Notification add-on does what its name spells out. It sends notifications and the completed form details to your email address once the respondent has filled in the form.

There are two ways to use this add-on: you can either use the default verbiage in the message or customize and create your message for the end-user. Send the responses to your email id, or send them to others.

Subsequently, as soon as someone fills out the form and attaches a file as an attachment, the Email Notification add-on will include that attachment along with their responses on the email. Google Forms Email Notifications add-on provides simplicity and ease-of-use to the hilt.  

5. Choice Eliminator

When you are faced with multiple appointments and want to avoid double booking, use the Choice Eliminator add-on. On the other end, users can select the appropriate option, each of which is recorded in a spreadsheet. 

google forms add ons


During the designing phase, the creator can set the required number of responses per option to avoid taking in more responses than needed. As soon as all the slots fill up for a particular option, the option disappears from your Google Form.  

6. formLimiter

Just like Choice Eliminator, formLimiter performs similar kinds of functions. If you want to stop taking in requests via Google Forms after a specific date, time, or number of responses are recorded, this is an add-on to install.

The add-on shuts off Google Forms as soon as a particular condition is met. However, the condition needs to be set up by the user at the time of creation. 

7. CheckItOut

Are you an inventory manager? If your daily work routine needs you to check out items regularly, you should install the CheckItOut Google Forms add-on.

google forms add ons


This plug-in automatically moves items from one list to another, depending on whether they are checked-in or checked-out. The list is updated in real-time so that all users are aware of the status quo.    

8. Form Values

Tired of repeating the same values time and again into your Google Forms? If so, check out the Form Values Google add-on. The plug-in is well equipped to store common field values, which you can insert in any Google Form with just one click.

Irrespective of which industry you work in, you will find this simple yet effective add-on an excellent tool for creating forms.  

9. Data Director

Data Director is an all-round Google Forms add-on. The plug-in handles several out-of-the-box tasks, each of which is useful and can play an essential role in easing out your workload.

It allows you to receive emails with form answers, create event invites, import data to a spreadsheet and convert forms into PDFs. In simple words, the add-on lets you manipulate, enter, transfer, and transform data into different forms, just the way you like it. 

10. Advanced Summary

Advanced Summary lets you generate a summary of the responses by creating charts and filters. Further on, with this Google Forms add-on, you can select the items you wish to display, and the summary will automatically update the results basis your inputs. 

11. QuilGo

QuilGo is every teacher’s favorite; teachers can conduct tests and update a timer on Google Forms using this plug-in. An excellent add-on for those who wish to stay at home and conduct tests online.

The form will close automatically as soon as the timer reaches its limit. Additionally, the users can also take snapshots of the test takers’ screens with QuilGo, which can be shared later with different users, as needed.  

12. QR Code Maker

Tired of generating and sharing the URLs of your forms to end recipients? Add QR code maker to your Google Forms and see the magic unfurl. This add-on not only makes your forms accessible on mobile devices but also allows recipients to share their responses on the go. 

google forms add ons


The Google Forms add-on generates a QR code using the URL of your form. This QR code can be added to your form as an image, which various users can scan from their mobile phones. Respondents only have to scan this image to open the form and record their responses.

13. Flubaroo

Flubaroo is another valuable add-on for teachers wanting an automatic tool to grade their student’s response forms. The add-on automatically compares the results of a submission with a pre-filled key and grades them. This is not all, for Flubaroo also provides basic analytics to help you scale the responder’s attempts.

As a part of the grading analytics process, it gives an insight into the following:

  • Problematic questions
  • Low scoring questions
  • Email scores and answer keys to students

With the recent changes, this add-on can run automatically as soon as a responder submits the request. Additionally, it can also be used to grade open-ended answers too. 

14. PDF Builder

PDF Builder Google Form add-on developed by DataScope enables you to convert your forms into PDFs in a few clicks only.

Post-installation, you can export your data into DataScope, and access many other essential features, like PDF Editor, view collected data, create graphs, and much more. 

15. DocAppender

Last but not the least, the docAppender add-on for Google Forms works quite well when you have to append multiple data forms to the bottom of selected Google Documents.

You can use a Google Form to select the doc(s) to which the data must be appended. This is yet another add-on that teachers can use to create a rolling set of documents for each different student(s). 

Level Up Your Next Survey with These Google Form Add Ons

Kloudio aims at extracting, transforming, and intelligently deriving business insights from different data sources, in a matter of minutes. Connect data from any data source, data warehouse, data lakes, or applications using our Google Forms add on, without needing daunting lines of code or complex SQL queries.

Create your free Kloudio account today.

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