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4 Things We Learned at Launch Accelerator with Jason Calacanis

Last month, we graduated from Cohort 4 of the Launch Accelerator by Jason Calacanis. We attended alongside some brilliant people and walked away with many new ideas for improving Kloudio.

It was our first time attending a full-fledged startup incubator, so we didn’t know what to expect.

For anyone curious about the experience, here are four things that stood out to me:

What We Learned at Launch Accelerator

1. There were small batch sizes.

One of the best things about Launch was that our batch size was only seven companies. The small class size has many benefits: more personalized material, better networking opportunities, and optimal use of time. This gave us the opportunity to network with the investors and with each other. After listening to our pitches each week, the guest speakers used our companies as case studies in their talks, specifically to explain how they would approach a specific problem related to our products.

Also, the quality of our batch was phenomenal, which lead to constructive criticism and brainstorming sessions. Five of us had revenue already, and two were visionary ideas pioneering new categories.

2. The quality of speakers and investors was high.

Every week, around four to five investors would attend the incubator. These guests ranged from venture capital arms of large corporations to the top venture capitalist firms in Silicon Valley. They included industry experts relevant for each startup company to the most active angels. Since Kloudio is an enterprise B2B startup, we needed to network with industry experts and angel investors in this domain. We were fortunate to get second, third, and fourth meetings with many relevant angel investors. This was a big morale booster as it not only validated our products but also launched our fundraising process.

3. The program was in a great location.

In addition to San Francisco being one of the best locations for an incubator, it was very convenient and apt for our “second dates” with these venture capitalists! It saved us an extra trip and helped us network with other engineers and investors in the heart of Silicon Valley.

4. We learned Jason’s “secret sauce.”

Lastly, Jason’s presence in every class was very enlightening and encouraging. He helped hone the story of how our product was saving thousands of hours for companies like Netflix—who were already our customers! He left us more aware and empowered to face the real world.

All in all, the Launch Incubator was a step up the ladder for us. I would highly recommend it to the budding startups looking to make their mark in this highly competitive market. Curious about what we worked on at Launch Accelerator? Create a free Kloudio account today.

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