Data Integration Tools For All

Our data integrations help democratize organizational data access and link every SaaS tool and data source to your favorite spreadsheet tools—no SQL or coding required.

Spreadsheet Integration & Data Reporting Tools

Kloudio’s data integration solutions give users the superpower to access and update any database or cloud applications from the comfort of a spreadsheet. Intelligent data integration software allows users to sync business data between office applications and any database, in the cloud or in the data center – without any IT involvement, coding, or query language necessary. Upgrade your data integration techniques today with a digital data integration process that simplifies your team’s workflow and saves time.

SQL Databases & Data Warehouses

Easily access data, visualize business insights, and update SQL Databases and Data Warehouses without any technical data integration knowledge required. Combine the power of SQL with Kloudio’s intuitive ETL interface and gain actionable insights from data in seconds – all without leaving your spreadsheet application.
New data integrations added on a weekly basis!

SaaS Applications & Cloud Data Integration

Level up your data integration strategy and start integrating data from disparate sources with our on-premises or cloud data integration services. Quickly access data to search, update, and generate reports from live data in cloud and web applications without leaving Excel or Google Sheets, or having any technical data integration knowledge. Combine the power of customer data integration from cloud and web applications with Kloudio’s intuitive report builder to get a clear view of customer data within a preferred spreadsheet application.

New data integrations added on a weekly basis!
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