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Connect Excel to MySQL and Google Sheets to MySQL to easily query, visualize, and update MySQL data.

Kloudio + Connect Excel to MySQL

Intelligent MySQL integration for Excel and Google Sheets

Kloudio’s MySQL integration services allow users to combine the power of MySQL with Kloudio’s intuitive report builder to gain actionable insights from data in seconds. Easily connect Excel to MySQL and Google Sheets to MySQL without any technical knowledge required. Users can bring details about inventory levels, sales volumes, pricing, log analytics data, user information into a master spreadsheet, and combine it with other vital data to quickly and easily create custom MySQL reports.

Even non-technical, financial analysts can use Kloudio to connect to MySQL and build sophisticated reports combining different integrations and data sources to gain insights into customer activity without relying on data engineering teams. Need to add an extra field to the report? No problem – with Kloudio’s easy MySQL data integration, there is no delay while the data team processes the request.

Self-Service Reporting

Kloudio’s visual query builder allows users to quickly and easily create custom reports from MySQL data for reporting and instant ad-hoc analysis. Don’t worry – data experts and IT teams can still use SQL. Despite this, many SQL wizards still prefer our drag and drop builder for its ease of use and speed!

Fully Automated MySQL Integration

Kloudio delivers automatically generated reports at your preferred cadence right into your favorite spreadsheet applications or end-user tools. Our visual MySQL for Excel and Google Sheets report builder is intuitive and fast enough for ad-hoc analysis, and repeated reports can be scheduled to refresh or run again at your preferred cadence. Set and forget your weekly sales, marketing, product, or finance spreadsheet and trust that they will always remain up to date.

Bi-directional Exchange of Data

Kloudio can persist record updates from end-user applications like Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel back to MySQL databases. We offer powerful data validation and formatting rules that eliminate manual errors.

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