Kloudio + Hubspot

Easily query deals, marketing insights, and update Hubspot campaigns without leaving Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Create powerful reports on HubSpot metrics using our visual builder and instantly get the data in your favorite spreadsheet. 

Easy-to-use Report Builder

Kloudio's visual drag and drop report builder allows marketers to quickly and easily create custom reports from HubSpot metrics on a whim. These reports can be ran in seconds for ad-hoc analysis without ever leaving your preferred spreadsheet application or end-user tool. Recurring reports can be scheduled to run at any desired frequency.

Fully Automated

Kloudio's report builder is fast and easy enough for one time ad-hoc analysis, but repeated reports with KPIs can be automated and scheduled to refresh at your preferred cadence - up to every minute for a live spreadsheet! 

Bi-directional Exchange of Data

Kloudio supports bi-directional exchange of data, which makes it easy to persist record updates in a spreadsheet back to HubSpot 

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