Kloudio + PostgreSQL Integration

Easily query, visualize, and update Postgres data from your favorite spreadsheet application. Combine the power of Postgres with Kloudio's intuitive report builder and gain actionable insights from data in seconds - all without leaving your favorite end-user tool.

Self-service Reporting

Kloudio’s visual query builder allows non-technical users to create custom reports from PostgreSQL data in seconds. Don’t worry – advanced users like data analysts and engineers can still use SQL, although many data professionals still choose our visual builder because of its speed and ease of use!

Fully Automated

Reports and upload templates can be scheduled and automated to run at any desired frequency – weekly, daily, hourly or even up to every minute for a live spreadsheet!

Bi-directional Exchange of Data

Kloudio can persist record updates from spreadsheets such as Google Sheets and Excel back to PostgreSQL databases, eliminating manual data entry tasks. We have a suite of data validation and formatting tools to eliminate manual data entry mistakes.

Free real-time PostgreSQL data in your spreadsheet

More Integrations

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